Whizible Project Enterprise Management (PEM) provides a robust end-to-end framework for project services automation and empowers the CXOs and PMO in making strategic project portfolio decisions using business intelligence and quality metrics

Whizible has incorporated the relevant features of Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools and Enterprise Project Management (EPM) products for service organizations and bundled them into one super product for all project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & control, MIS reporting and closing needs of project-based organizations

This means that organizations using Whizible, are not required to invest in additional point solutions for specific processes and worry about integrating these.

Organizations rely on Whizible for their in-house project management needs and also, their customer issue resolution or help desk requirements.

Some tools offering specific features are MS Project® for project planning, Jira for Issue Management and Zoho for helpdesk or ticketing management. Other products like Smartsheet, Trello, Basecamp, etc. offer many features, but may not offer depth, scalability or flexibility that Whizible offers.

If your organization is using any legacy software or project management tool, Whizible offers seamless Integration with Existing Software, without data leakage – Enter once use everywhere

Whizible can integrate seamlessly, without any data leakage or any functional issue, with many enterprise resource management (ERP) products like SAP®, Oracle®  or project management or helpdesk products Jira, MS Project, etc. Organizations already using one or more of these or other products, use Whizible to complement these and deliver higher value on projects.

Whizible is the tool to support project managers

The project manager plays a critical role in managing various processes, tasks and most importantly, the resources available for the projects. While an integrated project enterprise management tool like Whizible goes a long way in providing the operational and administrative support to a project management office (PMO), it is the capability of the project manager to understand the functionality of the tool and implement it across projects effectively, that defines the success of any project organization and the tool used to manage the project portfolio.

Whizible empowers Project Managers with the required skills and knowledge of both the product functionality and also best practices of Project Enterprise Management based on PMBOK® and extensive experience it has gathered while working with diverse organizations.

Whizible suite of project enterprise management tool has 7 core modules and 2 additional features

Whizible Core Modules

Whizible additional features

Whizible project enterprise management (PEM) software providing governance, metrics-driven business intelligence and analytics support to high growth professional service industries such as

Deployment of Whizible to suit organizational policies

Whizible is offered as SaaS (software as a service) and also as ‘On-premise’ installation.  The buyer organization can choose the delivery model that is best suited for their needs.

SaaS model of software application delivery offers certain advantages that are well understood:

  • No need for upfront financial investment, because the hosting servers and software are managed by the software service provider
  • Remotely managed installation and configuration eliminates the disadvantages created by the geographical distance between the software vendor and the customer
  • High flexibility to buy additional licenses means new employees are integrated into the organizational platform from the day they join
  • Online issue resolution by the software vendor saves the precious customer time
  • Regular software updation gives the customer access to new product features and functionality

However, many customers prefer the On-Premises model for deployment of Whizible, to gain some of the following benefits:

  • Physical control and security of the server infrastructure and in-house privacy protection
  • Use of Software licenses already procured
  • Use of in-house resources for software maintenance
  • Better integration with other or in-house applications deployed On-Premises

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