Whizible Knowledge Capture and Harvesting module helps capture the organizational learning and store it in a modular form which can be easily retrieved on demand for future use.

Project-based organizations execute multiple projects of similar scope for different clients.  For example,

  • ESO or engineering service firms work for different clients in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical devices, etc.
  • IT companies offer services like the Internet of Things, mechanical product development, embedded systems, software development, hardware development, knowledge-based engineering, product lifecycle management, etc.

Different teams work for different clients and gain experience. Each project team faces different challenges, hurdles, and roadblocks while working on the project.

In addition to complexities of domain expertise, majority of problems which delay projects are in the areas of

  • Project planning,
  • Resource allocation and management,
  • Project team requirement and resource mismatch,
  • Project time estimation and billing delays, etc.

Knowledge Areas are given a high level of importance in the PMP training methodologies. Project knowledge repository plays an important role in Project Initiating and Planning stages

The project manager is responsible for guiding the project teams based on the knowledge acquired by him/ her during similar projects or the knowledge gained by interacting with his/ her fellow project managers. This knowledge grows with practical experience of project management.

One of the effective ways of ensuring that the knowledge gained during a project is not lost is to actually record it in a systematic manner.

Whizible Knowledge module is the platform used by all the project teams to record the expertise gained by them during the project life cycle.

This Knowledge module captures the project team learnings in all the project management processes- project initiation, project planning, resource planning, project execution, project monitoring and control through timesheet, metrics, business intelligence dashboards, helpdesk and project deployment, and closure.

The issues the projects encounter or the help requests that customers make are important source of identifying what went wrong where. A systematic cataloguing and analysis of these is an important source of knowledge for the organization.

This knowledge is codified, indexed and stored in the Whizible platform, which can be queried and searched based on the project user requirements. The knowledge management module ensures that no project learnings are lost even if the project team leaves the organization.

The module is a part of the Whizible project enterprise management software suite.

The knowledge captured and filtered in this Whizible module can further be incorporated in the AI (artificial intelligence) for project management.