Whizible Cloud-based, mobile supported Timesheet facilitates keeping track of billable and non-billable employee time and assists CXOs in strategic decision making by providing visibility into the true revenue capacity of the business, based on the charge rates and utilization of the time.

Available Time is key inventory and the lifeblood of professional and product-led service firms which organize their internal cross-functional resources into short-term project teams to deliver the mandated services or products. Time is the best measuring yardstick!

Whizible Timesheet management software is easy to use with its following features

  • It is web-based/ Cloud-based, so no need to log into the company intranet or server
  • Whizible timesheet works on a mobile device as well as a desktop or a laptop
  • The employee has the option to choose to record his time based on the
    • Calendar view and/or
    • Task view
  • Timesheet can be filled even when the project team member
    • Is posted on project site
    • Is in office
    • Posted anywhere in the world in any time zone
  • The employee can generate the daily/weekly/ periodic timesheet report with just a click and submit it for approval to the project manager
  • The graphical representation of the timesheet is possible to support easy readability
  • The Whizible timesheet is integrated with the project lifecycle management and resource management modules, this helps the PMO and the project managers to check the resource availability and competency and allocate them to appropriate projects

Integration with MSP (Microsoft Project®) used for Planning

Does your organization use MSP to plan and track projects? Whizible Timesheet can be integrated seamlessly with MSP so the project task allocation can be inherited into Whizible Timesheet module, and the timesheet data recorded in the Whizible system can be sent back to the MPP to complete the loop. The added advantage of using Whizible, is that it gives various productivity and profitability measurement tools and generates the required management reports.

Whizible Timesheet is a user-friendly tool to holistically record time spent on various activities such as

  • Project related assigned tasks
  • General tasks
  • Tasks planned through Microsoft Project (MPP) or MS Excel
  • Non- billable activities
  • Training time
  • Corporate activities

This ensures that the organization has complete visibility of time spent, on planned project work and outside of that. Optimizing time utilization of its key resources – the people is the single largest determinant of financial success of Project-based Professional Services Organizations.

Using timesheet to support resource management and invoicing process

Timesheet can be used effectively to track the resource utilization and thereby the availability of in-house talent in terms of percentages or man-hours. Therefore, the project managers could make decisions on the reallocation of resources or changes in the profile of project team members or vary the charge out rates or the utilization factor, to ensure optimal resource management. Even in the projects based on fixed fees or outcome based fees, timesheet functionalities allow one to generate relevant data to make such operational or strategic decisions.

Using Timesheet based Metrics for performance and profitability management

Timesheet can be used to track the KRAs and lined to KPIs of a project team. KRA, key responsibility areas, are linked to the job profile of the employee, while KPIs are the key performance indicators, which are linked to the efficiency of the employee. Both of this can be measured with the help of the employee’s timesheet.

Different elements of a timesheet can be analyzed, for example

  • Estimated versus actual time spent to complete a task
  • The time spent on rework
  • The time spent on the bench
    • Was it due to nonavailability of projects or
    • Was it due to unsatisfactory performance
  • Revenue generation capacity of the resource based on his billable targets

The performance of the team leader and project manager also can be measured in similar ways. The most visible factor here is the profitability of the project, after ascertaining any delays, time and cost overruns, rework, etc.

Integrating timesheet with Time punching machine

Whizible Timesheet can be integrated with the time punching machine. It also has an option to record the time if your resources are at the client site or on-site, and are unable to punch the office machine.

A link to HR and Project Resource Management

It shows the real availability of any resource after incorporating the details like the public holidays and the employee leave details so that resource management can be done in an effective manner. The Whizible Timesheet module also helps project managers in the selection of project resources based on skills along with their availability, since the employee resumes are available on this module and employees can update their skills after every project, so the real-time skills are made visible.

Timesheet and Task Management

Tasks and Timesheet management are an integral part of HRMS or Human Resource Management System. This is a key function which links the project tasks allocated to various resources directly to the timesheet which measures the billable hours put in by any resource, linking it to the invoicing process.

Whizible has an inbuilt Timesheet module which has forward and backward linkage to the entire value chain of the project management process. It becomes easy to map allocated project tasks to the cross-functional teams.