Whizible Resource module facilitates effective resource planning and scheduling across diverse project portfolio to enable better resource utilization and improve profitability for the project enterprise.

People and technology are the key resources for the projects. Each one is uniquely skilled, experienced and costly hence effective utilization of human resources determines the profitability of project, program, engagement or customers

In Project Organizations the resources tend to be fixed costs, hence

An Effective Resource Utilization = Higher Revenue and consequently = Higher Profits.

Agile thinking and flexible approach towards managing the available human and technology resources are the most important contributors towards a successful enterprise resource planning.

Whizible resource scheduler module helps project managers to do integrated resource plan and match it to the project management schedule.

Resource allocation takes the center stage in any project management process.

In a collaborative project management organization, multiple projects of similar nature, with equally challenging complexity and delivery schedules, run parallel at any point in time. These projects need cross-functional resource teams for the tenure of the project. For example, an engineering design services firm working on 5 projects for different aerospace design companies at a time will need the skills of project engineers, business researchers, software developers and testing engineers to create high-end product designs. This creates a competition amongst the project resource managers to get the best resource allocation for their project.

It is a continuous challenge for the PMP (project management professional) to do effective resource planning and allocation of human resources from the available resource pool in a matrix project environment.

Making a portfolio decision of resource allocation in project enterprise management is like a playing a mind game, it needs a lot of visualization skills and strategic thinking ability to come up with the best possible resource plan. The project resource manager needs predictive abilities which will help them spot alert signals for any resource mismatch and do the necessary adjustment in resource allocation.

Whizible project and resource management software – the Effective administration and communication tool is the key to avoiding chaos

Due to the simplicity of MS Office tools like Ms Excel, resource managers often use it for planning resources across projects, but it has some limitations.

  • The excel spreadsheets need to be updated manually, so it is time-consuming to maintain the resource schedule
  • They cannot be linked to the other project management processes for example
    • Project planning
    • Timesheet management,
    • Invoicing
    • Metrics/ reports generation
    • Issues management
    • Dashboard management

    And hence cannot show the integrated project resource plan which is agile in nature

  • The excel is not a communication tool, so it cannot link the resource allocation plans to automated email messages

The project environments in the modern times are fluid and agile. There are continuous changes, revisions, and reviews during the project life cycle.  A project management office needs a strong project administration support for running the day-to-day operations, especially the resource planning and allocation activities.

Whizible is a robust, end-to-end enterprise resource software, which provides a strong backbone or support system any PMO is in search for.

Whizible offers a mechanism for planning, mapping, communicating and tracking all the project activities of available organizational resources.

Whizible helps the project management office seamlessly integrate the execution and resource pipelines and deliver customer delight!