A project team has to follow certain steps in a particular order, to carry out each task allocated to them. The steps to do a particular activity bunched together are termed as a Process.

Process Workflows module of Whizible project management software has the functionality to set the workflows.

Whizible Process module helps create custom model process workflows as a part of the QMS for the customer organization that are rolled out to the project team for execution.

Generally, organizations use a pull mechanism for communication of the standard processes, but it is often not very effective.

Whizible allows a push mechanism that automatically leads the project module to inherit the predefined processes and ensures operational efficiency.

Steps for designing a project workflow

Design and management of a process workflow diagram involve project approval workflow, project planning workflow, resource management workflow and all workflow design of various project management processes like the keeping of timesheets, issue management, quality testing and deployment of solution on-site or by a cloud-based method of deployment.

The process workflow of a waterfall method based project explained in the diagram below is a typical example of a high level workflow for a GCC (Global Capability center) or a GIC (Global in-house center), from the stage when the GIC unit manager gets a work order from the Global parent company describing how it travels through various stages of a project lifecycle to finally reach the unit manager back, so that he can send the deliverables and issue invoice.

Importance of defining the workflows for project processes

A project team consists of human resources from different functional groups who work as a team for the stipulated period of time to achieve the project goal. They have to work in perfect harmony. These projects have to operate within time and costs constraints. To ensure that there is enough clarity about the job in hand and the interdependencies of the work the team members have to carry out, it is advisable to define a clear process flow of the project activities.

Project process workflows and business process management, are they the same?

In short, a process flow acts as a step by step guide on how to perform a certain process by a certain resource. Sometimes, people confuse it with ‘business process management or BPM’. But there is a difference between these two terms. BPM is a tool to analyse, measure, improve and optimize various processes in operations management. Here we are talking about a simple workflow on how to do a particle project activity and its sequencing. The two screenshots will explain it better.

If an organization can incorporate the improved processes after conducting a business process management exercise, in the project management software workflow, they will be able to reap maximum benefits on their investment in both the BPM and Project Enterprise Management software.