Monitoring the results of our actions has been a rewarding hobby of human beings since time immemorial. We do various actions, we analyse them, and we reach to conclusions that some of the actions are not right, but the others are fruitful. In short, we, the human beings have an excellent ability to reason, to judge even our daily activities. This creates life insights for us and hones our power of discretion.

So when a group of people comes together to serve a common purpose, by investing their financial resources, it becomes even more important to plan, monitor and analyse the business activities, right from the product & marketing strategy to customer satisfaction. The monitoring, analysis and judgement need metrics and points of references.

Whizible Business Intelligence (BI) module can generate and monitor custom metrics and role specific Dashboards for CXOs, PMO and Managers to facilitate strategic decision making.

These metrics are displayed in the dashboards of each project team member. The dashboards can be configured based on the organizational role and authority of the team member or manager or the PMO.

The Circle of Metrics for a Project Organization

  • People – Whizible Timesheet and Resource Management modules are very useful to track people metrics such as
    • Skill metrics,
    • Backlog rates,
    • Timesheet analytics like billable versus actual hours spent on a job,
    • Issue handling time,
    • Rework request frequency,
    • Turnover rate, and
    • Absenteeism are some of the key people analytics to track.

These metrics throw light on the skill level of the existing human resources, which are the most important resource for a project based organization.

Another reason to track people performance across various tangible parameters is that people salaries form the largest fixed costs for the organization and hence should be justified and linked to the profits.

  • Processes – Track methods of performing billable tasks and activities since focussing on improving these tasks directly results in improving the revenue generation capacity of the organization.
    • Variance ratios,
    • Task completion time,
    • On-time delivery, etc are good for tracking.

    Whizible Project management software enables adequate data capture throughout the project lifecycle, to generate reports.

  • Quality – The reputation of any professional service or product led organization is closely linked to the quality of products or services delivered.
     Metrics for measuring customer satisfaction,

    • No of issue tickets received from customers,
    • Six sigma,
    • First time right, etc can be useful to measure the quality and value of work delivered.

    Quality process like CMMI or ISO is embedded in Whizible and the Testing team can use the defect metrics to do checks before a product or service is rolled out for customer deployment

  • Profitability – Top management is ultimately interested in the actual financial numbers, which are an outcome of orchestrating the efforts of the entire organizational resources.
    Various important metrics are

    • Profit margin ratios,
    • Days sales outstanding,
    • Enterprise value, etc.

    Delays in the invoicing process often cause delays resulting in the mismatch between planned versus actual revenue.

    Whizible can generate many reports for profitability analytics. Whizible can also integrate with your accounting software and produce all the financial ratios and metrics

  • Sustainability – In order to ensure the continuity of the business, top managers need to find out which type of projects create higher value and repeat customers. These are the strategic decisions and are important for the long-term success of the organization.
     Metrics such as

    • Revenue by type of the customer,
    • Type of project,
    • Geography,
    • Proposal win rate, etc.

General norm is that repeat business is good, but if your old business was at a low price, you will be able to analyze whether to continue servicing old customers or to focus more on new customer and geographies. Whizible can build these metrics.

Service or product led project organizations need to identify the most relevant metrics for their business and study these analytic for a longer period of time, to understand the insights. Quality Certification frameworks often facilitate this process.

Whizible project management software captures all the necessary information to generate the performance metrics that you have chosen to track for your organization.

Create your preferred Metrics Dashboard

The Query builder module allows the PMO to define the appropriate metrics and configure the required ratios or use the readymade metrics which is built in the Whizible metrics module, for tracking and management reporting.

All the modules in the Whizible interlinked and integrated with each other. Whizible also extends this integration beyond Whizible modules, to existing software implemented in an organization like SAP/ JIRA/ MS Project, etc so that the data and information flow is smooth without any breakages.

This helps in the generation and real-time updation of the relevant Metrics which are used for the strategic decision making by the top management.