Whizible project enterprise management software is an end-to-end robust PSA and EPM tool for IT services companies.

Whizible understands the pain points and challenges faced by the IT services companies and has designed the project automation and enterprise management software to address the critical success factors for these companies.

To remain competitive in the overcrowded IT services market, the IT vendors need to ensure

  • Projects are completed as per the planned schedule to avoid wasteful expenditure to remain profitable and to ensure customer dissatisfaction. This creates a need for
    • Having clarity on the project scope. Using the Agile Scrum where ever there are frequent revisions in the project scope and using the traditional waterfall methodology when the project scope is fairly standard.
    • Detailed project planning becomes important for the project success
  • Resource availability and allocation across the project portfolio is also critical for meeting the project task complication and delivery deadlines
  • Robust billing and invoicing process, which is often neglected in IT services organizations, due to non-submission or delayed submission of timesheets by project engineers.
  • 24/7 on cloud project helpdesk or customer support helpdesk to solve customer queries has become critical for customer retention
  • Continuous innovation and new initiatives for improving their service offerings
  • Monitoring of business outcomes by custom metrics, to stay financially competitive
  • Facilitation of Deployment and Institutionalization of Quality Processes including CMMi® and ISO Assessment and Certifications

Whizible’s customers include a startup product company with 25 people to one of the largest IT services organization employing 100+ thousand professionals.
To name a few of our customers – Wipro, DSS, e-Emphasys Infotech, Fujitsu India, Hexaware Technologies, NSEIT, EASI

Due to the digitization of the global economy, using digital technologies to manage the business has become imperative even for small and medium-sized organizations, let alone the large ones. So there is consitent demand for IT services.

The Dynamic, innovation driven and highly competitive nature of the Global IT Services industry puts pressure on the margins of infotech services companies

Continuous innovation in information technology, for example – IoT, AI, AR/VR, Analytics, Big Data, Cloud computing, the blockchain, etc. makes it important for IT services organizations to regularly innovate and introduce differentiated products and services and invest in intellectual property (IP).
Information Technology services or IT services industry is highly competitive and dominated globally by large IT companies such as IBM, Accenture, HPE, Deloitte, Fujitsu, PWC, TCS, NTT Data (after the merger with Dell Services), Capgemini, Cognizant, etc. These big companies cater to the global IT services market specializing in verticals or in a portfolio of IT services offerings. They serve the large organizations, MNCs and large Government markets.
The IT services demand for medium and small sized organizations is served by a large number of IT services vendors, resulting into the fierce competition and a constant struggle for survival by these small to medium-sized IT vendors themselves.
The IT services companies, regardless of their size (employing anywhere from 50 engineers to a few thousand engineers), need a strong support to ensure a smooth enterprise-wide collaboration amongst various cross-functional teams working on different projects and product/application development.

Whizible is a comprehensive collaboration tool, the project enterprise and resource management software designed for small to medium-sized and even large IT services companies catering to local and global markets.

Understand the IT services Industry Segmentation
Gartner classifies IT services industry based on the product/ service offerings as follows: –

  • Business Services
    • Consulting
    • Implementation (Formerly Development and Integration)
    • IT Outsourcing (Formerly IT Management)
    • Business Process Outsourcing (Formerly Process Management)
  • Product Support
    • Software Support
    • Hardware Support

The Global IT services market can also be classified by industry verticals they serve. The key verticals are: –

  • Healthcare& Life sciences
  • Financial services
  • Insurance
  • Telecom
  • Hitech
  • Retail
  • Media and information services
  • Travel, transportation & hospitality
  • Energy
  • Resources and Utilities
  • Public sector

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