The Whizible project enterprise management (PEM) software suite is sold based on user licenses, which have a couple of pricing options

  • Annual rental license
  • Perpetual license

Pricing for the Whizible license is based on 3 pivots

  • Modules selected for usage
  • Total no of users across departments and geographies
  • Type of users based on their access levels in the organization

Pricing is also dependent on the hosting or deployment options selected by the customer

  • Cloud-based Hosting (SaaS or Software as a Service)
  • On-Premise Hosting
  • A Hybrid model of the above


The PMO and Business managers need their enterprise software to reflect the same process flows, language and terminology that is unique to the persona of their organization. The Whizible team understands this need and can customize the product to incorporate customer requirements. The additional costs for the customization vary based on the estimated effort.

Other Costs

Other costs such as a one-time setup fee, implementation fee, and annual maintenance fee, etc will vary depending on the type of licensing and other pricing options selected by the customer.

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