Guiding project teams and contextualising best practices for managing projects is the key role of a project Management Office (PMO)

Managing a portfolio of projects can become quite chaotic in a fluid and continually changing project situation s.Some projects are long term in nature,but some are short term. Some projects need large and multifunctional teams,
some can be managed with small teams.Sometimes the managers find it difficult to estimate timelines for project delivery. This can happen if the customer requirements keep changing during the project life cycleor incorrect estimation techniques used by the project manager or incremental thinking of the pecifications that disturbs the initially defined schedules. This can result in delays in project deployment and can also cause costoverruns.Cost overruns kill profitability of the firms.While creating a project plan,a manager assumescertain productivity of the resources allocated to the project. But assumed productivity and actual productivity can be at variance.So improving the framework for employee
skills and productivity assessment an important part of the resources management activities.

The feedback loop that the client has, may create extra work which was not planned for and may disturb the delivery schedules.Further if the organization is sharing the project managers or the highly skilled project team members’ time across projects, this creates more confusion and ultimately disturbs the entire organizational productivity, resultingin customer dissatisfaction.

Projectized Services Organizationscan avoid all these time, cost and quality mismatches by using the processes and technology available today. They can transform the way they manage projects with the help of digital technology platform.
Project management software hasbecome the need of the time to address all the systemic and unique pitfalls that these PMOs are subjected to.

What are projectized services organizations?

Tough deadlines, Shared resources, Dynamic teams!
This is a typical description of a Projectized Services Organization.Project teams are temporary need-based teams of employees having different skill sets required to deliver the task athand. Usually, 80% of the projectized environments happen in professional service firms or
product led service firms or engineering & construction firms.Professional service firms are firms who organise their teams based on the client mandate. Every assignment is a new project with a definite scope and delivery deadlines even for its interim modules.

Product led IT service firms are engaged in creating IT products/application or SaaS (Software as a Service). These firms
have dynamic teams of various technology and domain experts working on product creation.
Engineering and construction allied firms are engaged in engineering design and research.
These activities are getting outsourced (ESO engineering services outsourcing) to countries
like India, China, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. where highly skilled engineers and software
professionals are available at low cost. These firms’ fees are based on time/ material/ outcomes.
Filling timesheets becomes critical in order to measure the productivity of the professionals when productivity is measured as revenue per person. The per person revenue and profit margins are critically dependent on how effectively these firms manage the 3Ts, talent (skill ), time ( availability) and transactions (projects deliverables).

Managing multiple projects with conflicting deadlines

The projectized services organizations are engaged in the execution and delivery of multiple
projects at any point. Now-a-days given that the speed has become important as a
differentiator, time to deliver assumes more importance. The project teams have to share
their in-house talent and technology resources across projects or have to further outsource parts of the projects. This can create competition amongst the project managers to fight for the best in
-house talent. It is important that the management determines the framework in which the resources are allocated or shared

How a suitable project management platform can become the guiding tool to a PMO and project managers?

A Project management platformis like anorchestra conductor who synchronizes the playing of
different instruments and delivers the perfect symphony!‘Conducting’ is an art of directing the simultaneous performance of several players or singers using a gesture.The conductor is the one who
always indicates the right tempo.
A good conductor of an orchestra will be a good listener, who understands each piece of music that every member of the orchestra plays and gives them a collective focus so that they can produce
a melody. Conducting an orchestra is more difficult than playing a single instrument. The man on the podium has to know the culture, the score,and must be able to ‘project’ what the audience
wants to hear.A project management platform integrates all the components of a project and helps the project manager through the entire project life cycle to be able to deliver the project on
time. It becomes the keeper of time, talent, and transactions of the project. This leads to
managing costs and profitability of the projects and thereby, the firm.
The PM tool empowers the project manager with a quick and timely access to KPIs (key
performance indicators) to track and monitor resource utilization, manage issues, measure
team’s billable activities and help ensure on time project delivery. It also facilitates
communication with customers. All the learning from a completed and delivered project get
scaptured in the project knowledge database maintained by the PM software tool and the PMO can use it as a guidepost to improve and refine their project management methods. So with each
completed project, the organizational capability gets improved.In summary, a project management software enhancesfirm productivity and profitability.

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