We surveyed business leaders to understand their agenda for improvement for the New Year 2019.  The survey respondents were allowed to select as many of the ten priorities listed in the survey, as were a part of their business improvement agenda n 2019

We also mentioned that we would bring you the right content for the selected focus areas for improvement in 2019, through Whizible Blog and sharing on social media channels.

The survey was done using Survey monkey and through social media channels such as our website www.whizible.com, LinkedIn and other channels.

Announcing the survey results

The top 7 improvement areas selected by survey respondents were

1.  Revenue Growth
2.  Customer Engagement
3.  New Product/ Service Launch/ Upgrade
4.  Operational Improvement
5.  Profitability Improvement
6.  People Management
7.  Data Driven Decisions

Let us take a look at each of these seven areas

Revenue Growth and Profitability Improvement

73%of the respondents chose revenue growth as their key priority for business in 2019. The top line or the revenue can be used instead of margins to improve the bottom line by businesses.

To excel in business, improving revenue and profitability both demand attention. Based on our survey, the respondents have chosen the revenue growth (73%) over profitability improvement (30%).

Customer Engagement

“The key to prolonging the failure of a company,” as Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon told his employees to “obsess over customers”. The companies who focus their energies on what their customers want and redesign their business strategy accordingly, can create brand loyalty and business growth. 61% of the survey respondents chose customer engagement as their priority area in 2019.

New Product/ Service Launch/ Upgrade

37% of the respondents are giving importance to launching new products/ service or releasing upgrades for their existing product and services. This will support both the objectives of revenue growth and customer engagement.

Operational improvement

30% of the survey respondents want to focus on improving operations which will lead to improving profitability.

People management

People management was selected by 25% of the business leader respondents. Happy employees go a long way in making customers happy.

Data-driven decisions

Data-driven decisions help in making the right choices. 24% of the survey respondents have this priority of making their organizational decision making supported by data in 2019.

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