Praise in public reprimand in private empower people

Motivated people perform better! This is true for all age groups, in personal and professional lives. When people are motivated, they develop a positive attitude and perform better in whatever they do.

In a project environment, encouraging and motivating a functionally diverse team of people and leading them towards delivering a common goal, is the responsibility of the project manager.

In non-project environments, where work, the department head can play the role of a mentor to her people.

Motivated people feel empowered and experience improvement in their performance, which ultimately helps the entire organizational goals of value creation and achieving business success.

Empowering people is the soft-skill that can be developed by all leaders and managers by understanding and pursuing the best practices.

Here are five tips for empowering your people to ensure Business success

5 Tips Empowering People Ensure Business Success


#1  Know thy people

Decoding your employee behaviour can help you understand the influencers and motivators for your people.

A manager who is sensitive to the needs of her team members can motivate and devise the right strategy to improve the productivity of the project teams or product groups.

#2  Facilitate, not control

The role of a leader is to build the right kind of work environment and facilitate the interaction between project teams and departments to ensure successful completion of the work resulting in customer happiness.

Managers can consciously modify their leadership styles to suit the needs of their teams.

The 7 most common leadership styles an article by HubSpot, describes 7 leadership styles which are

  1. Democratic
  2. Autocratic
  3. Laissez-Faire
  4. Transformational
  5. Transactional
  6. Bureaucratic

After understanding the advantages and limitations of these styles, managers can pick up the right combination of leadership styles for managing their teams.

Whatever be your leadership styles, focus on being the facilitator for your project teams and move away from trying to control their behaviour.

Once your people know that you are not there to micromanage and dictate their behaviour, they will start taking responsibility for their performance and the need to supervise people will go down over a period of time.

#3  Build leaders, not followers

We conducted a survey of business leaders to find out their focus areas of improvement in 2019 and 73% of respondents selected “Revenue Growth” and 61% selected “Customer Engagement”, making these two as the top priority improvement areas for leaders in 2019.

For achieving high revenue growth, you need the right strategy and to execute this growth strategy, you need support from your employees.

One approach to generating more business is to select people with leadership qualities and equip them with the right tools and guidance on how to use them.

If you as a leader aim for creating more leaders and not just followers, you will see your efforts getting translated into increased business generation and employee satisfaction. Happy employees will make sure that the customers are engaged and happy too.

#4  Reward in public, reprimand in private

Remember, how bad we felt when our parents scolded us in front of our siblings or the guests?

Yes, human psychology tells you that reprimanding in public acts like a negative reinforcement and hence should be avoided, but praising in public is good and promotes positive reinforcement and improves productivity and commitment.

#5  Build careers, not resources

In a project environment, managers sometimes see their team members as a resource to complete the project deliverables on time. Even the department that manages people is called the human resources department.

We need to change this attitude of looking at the most important asset of your business, your people capital, as a “resource”. When you help them build their careers, the organization can grow simultaneously.

We can use some of the project management tools such as Timesheet and Helpdesk for career building of the employees.

5 benefits of using a Whizible Timesheet this infographic talks about how we can use timesheet to assess training and reskilling needs for project teams.

These tips are the starting point for how you can empower your people to perform better.

Making people management a part of your strategic agenda can help both the employees and the organizations to achieve better results.

 About the Author

Sanjeevani Sathe, is a VP Research and Content with Whizible, a firm that offers technology solutions for profitability improvement for project enterprises.

Sanjeevani is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has 10+ years of work experience in research and consulting with the Boston Consulting Group, UCStrategy and Rare Enterprises private equity group owned by Mr Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

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